Commercial Renovations

ECON Developers has been involved in many commercial renovation projects over the years.  Our staff and subcontractors focus on getting the project completed on time and within budget.  Our company pays close attention to working with our clients to prevent or minimize down time for your project.  We understand that your company needs to be open to stay in business.  This is the type of project we excel upon.  From beginning to end, your bottom line is our bottom line.



Commercial Insurance Mitigation

“Insurance claim”… two words that no one wants to hear.  Most builders want nothing to do with your insurance agent, leaving you to navigate on ground that many business owners haven’t had much experience with.  When your business is unexpectedly damaged, we understand the urgency of resolving these issues as quickly and efficiently as possible.  Our experience with insurance adjusters is a valuable tool that we employ on your behalf when you call ECON Developers.  We will meet with adjusters to be sure that all damage is properly documented and fair compensation is secured.


Commercial Maintenance

ECON Developers has worked on every type of construction project on the North Carolina coast.  We have seen first hand the effects of the coastal environment on the large condominiums and multifamily structures over the years and have been a part of maintaining or repairing these structures.  Due to our experience and exposure to the effects of this environment on building materials, we have a higher level of expertise in maintaining commercial buildings.  We have the ability to handle the needs of the Property management Team or Home Owners Association, no matter what the size and scope of the project. This is not surprising at all, though, considering how powerful such software programs are in terms of getting mobile phone data that is not supposed to be shared to anyone

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